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We believe that catering is not just food, it's the complete experience. From our creative presentation and styling, to our unique floral arrangements and decor, to our impeccable and talented service team, we always go the extra mile to ensure that every dish looks as exquisite as it tastes. 

We specialize in crafting exciting and seasonal creations, imagined by a team of skilled and passionate chefs who have spent years honing their expertise in some of the best restaurants in the world.

Artistry meets execution.

Gastronomic theater.

For us, catering service is not just about the food, it's the complete experience. We ensure we understand your vision to in order to provide an excellent experience for you and your guests, no matter the size of your company or party. From light bites and canapés to large corporate function buffets and weddings, we deliver mouth-watering meals made just the way you like it. We always go the extra mile to provide you with exactly the kind of services you need.

Committed to sustainability.


  • We encourage our suppliers to minimize the amount of packaging used on incoming goods.

  • Suppliers are encouraged to use biodegradable or recyclable materials or reusable systems.

  • We endeavor to use ‘environmentally conscious’ foodstuffs (tuna caught in dolphin-friendly nets, free-range eggs etc).



  • We actively seek to minimize organic waste in our operations.

  • Our team ensures that all waste is disposed of in a hygienic and responsible manner.

  • The use of cleaning chemicals is carefully controlled and and disposed of in a responsible matter.

  • We work closely to ensure we compost as much as possible in the kitchen and on site for all of our events. 




  • We maximize the use of returnable bottles and promote the recycling of glass, plastics, and aluminum cans.

  • Société Traiteur ensures paper use during its operation is minimized wherever possible.



  • Société Traiteur will endeavor to keep the use of vehicles to a minimum by careful planning activities in order to minimize the number of journeys undertaken.




  • All staff will receive training on the key requirements of this policy as it affects their work.

  • All staff will be encouraged to comment and improve our environmental practices.



We use local vendors.


  • Rougie 

  • Gaspor 

  • Godbout

  • Fraise Louis Hebert

  • Légume birri

  • Secret des Chef

  • Mme Asperge

  • Les Délices de Rosa

Environmental protection forms an integral part of Société Traiteur’s philosophy. We endeavor to operate in harmony with the environment and continuously strive to implement measures to reduce our eco footprint. As a team,  Société Traiteur continues to  meet and surpass environmental legislation, priding ourselves as leaders in sustainability best practices. 

Local Vendors
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